Friday, April 15, 2011

Mini Jelly Bean Cupcakes

My niece Shaelyn was hanging out with me today and it's becoming a tradition for us to make mini cupcakes with the cupcake maker I bought her for Christmas. We mixed up 1 cake mix and she was a trooper filling the machine each and every time the buzzer went off. She's officially crashed on the couch now, so I think she's officially had her share of baking cupcakes today.

We started with a white cake mix. Be sure to follow the white cake instructions, that don't include the yokes of the eggs. This keeps the batter white, rather then yellow. The mini cupcake machine cooks rather quickly, so once you get a batch going, it literally only takes 2-3 more minutes. We only coat the machine every 2 or 3 bathes and very lightly when we do.


We also started with a white frosting and used the McCormick NEON food colors to make the Easter pastel colors we wanted.You can also follow the instructions on the box and use this same food coloring for Easter eggs.

Once the cupcakes were frosted with purple, green and blue, we topped them off with 1 Jolly Rancher Jelly Bean.

On the white frosted cupcakes I used some Easter Bunny sprinkles. I think she's going to like them all when she wakes up. We agreed that when she woke up, she'd finish frosting the ones I set aside for her. 

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