Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moss Monogram Project

I've seen these Pottery Barn, Moss Monograms all over the blog world and knew I wanted to make one for my front door. I usually keep a wreath on my front door, during the different seasons, but thought this would be perfect to change it up a bit. 

Pottery Barn charges $79.00 for a live 
moss monogram 

 For $10.00, I made this copy

Last summer, painting my front door was on my to do list and it never got done. After taking these photos, I'm thinking it needs to be done sooner, then later. Better yet, a new door all together would be great!  But, I'll let my perfectionism go and show you the steps to making this monogram.

I started out with a monogram letter and bag of 
moss from Hobby Lobby.

I hot glued varies sizes of moss to the letter, starting on one side and working my way to the other. 

Once the moss was covering the entire piece, I turned it over, hot glued a piece of ribbon to both sides of the letter. Once I had it on the door, I tied a bow to bring it to the preferred length on my door. 
There are 1,000 options for doing this project, so here is a link to a Google Search that will show you variations on the same project.


I wanted to make this piece badly, but didn't realize it would 
take personal sacrifice to do so. I had only 
glued on 3 pieces, when I dropped some hot glue on my 
hand. I reacted by wiping it off with the other 
hand and burned two more fingers. Lesson learned...Listen 
when they say to keep a glass of water near 
when you are working with a hot glue gun. 


  1. It looks great, despite the injury.