Friday, September 9, 2011

Girlie Pink & Black Lamp and Mirror Upcycle!

I was super excited to surprise my niece on her 12th Birthday. She's been talking about wanting a Pink and Black room for awhile now, so I've been making her things here and there to add to her room. For her Birthday yesterday I surprises her with this new lamp. 

Here is the before photo. 

I was able to buy this at a 50% off day at the Goodwill, so I paid about 4.00 for this lamp and that did include the lampshade. Most bases and shades are sold separately, but on occasion you can score with a set that already matches. Everything about this lamp was fine structurally, it was just faded, a bit dirty and the trimming was old and brittle.

 The first thing I did was paint the base with Krylon Glossy Black.

After removing the old trim, I added this black velvet ribbon to the top. 

Next I purchases this hot pink Florette ribbon by the yard at Hobby Lobby and used hot glue to add it to the base of the shade, making sure I didn't cover up the beads hanging from the edge.

I also wanted to give her a mirror, so I also purchases this mirror at the Goodwill for $4.00. 

Most of my mirror can be removed from the frame, but this one could not. So I had to fit paper in between the seam of the frame and tape it in place until I had covered the entire mirror. Then I uses the same glossy paint as above. Here it is on her wall. 

This awesome frame I did not paint or make. I actually bought it from Hobby Lobby on clearance. Ciara thought I had bought it for her room redo, but nope...I new exactly where it was going. 

When I was in her room, hanging these things I looked around and felt pretty happy to see all the little things up I had give her over the past year. The painting above my daughter painted this summer for herself and decided to give it to her cousin. 

However, these two paintings I specifically painted for her last year. I'm not a painter, now do I pretend to be one, but thanks to Canvas and Cocktails I've been able to make some great gifts for my friends and family. I was brave enough to paint these at home even! 

Last, but not least I had totally forgot about this vinyl decal I had bought her. I think it all comes together and looks great. Best of all, she was super excited when she got home last night. As usual, I had a blast.


  1. You did a fabulous job with the lamp. Her bedroom looks awesome!!

  2. Love it! That flower trim is really pretty

  3. I love the "LOVE" sign! Pink and Black is so cute!