Monday, March 28, 2011

Will Work for Halloween Prop...

Yes, it's a little early for Halloween, but The Horror Dome put out their ad for this great Ghost of Madam Sonia piece today and I'm thinking if anyone is wanting to buy me an early birthday gift, I'd be more then willing to accept.

Here's Madam Sonia in action...

Speaking of ghost, while I was on the website I looked at some costumes. They have one that's a favorite of mine. It's the Victorian Ghost themed costume I've been eying for a long time. Making an investment in a costume like that, means wearing it for 10 years though! Guess I better think about it for a bit longer. 

I'm coming back for a quick note. I was just reading a review from someone that bought this dress and they used it for a "Ghost of Christmas Past" costume. Now I love it even more! All I have to do now is talk my husband into being the "Ghost of Christmas, Yet To Come". LOVE IT!!

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