Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Witches, Candy and Videos Galore!!

Halloween is just a week away and  things are finally starting to look and feel spooktacular around here. My decorations are done, I've crafted a bit, I've cooked a few pumpkin cookies and I just received an email that the Hallmark Channel is going to air a new movie in "The Good Witch" series. This years movie is called "The Good Witch's Destiny". The details about the movie read: 

All Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell) wants for her birthday is for her family and friends to be together. While her husband Jake (Chris Potter) suggests an intimate dinner at a fancy restaurant in their hometown of Middleton, Cassie would rather have a party at The Grey House, with all her loved ones in attendance. And since Jake's kids, Brandon (Matthew Knight) and Lori (Hannah Endicott-Douglas), are growing up with lives of their own, it might be their last chance to unite as a family for a long time.

As Cassie's special day is fast approaching, Lori discovers disturbing parallels between Cassie and Cassie's great aunt, nicknamed the Grey Lady, who disappeared at her own birthday party years before. With signs of a curse looming over her, it's clear that Cassie needs to conjure up more than a little magic to make things right again. Is there birthday magic in the air or is it a birthday curse? 

I also seen a great Halloween video today. This one stars an amazing little boy. I think I like it so much, because it reminds me of my daughter. This is something she would totally have done when she was little.  

Every year super light shows flood youtube for Halloween. This year one house in particular has caught my attention, because they have a little bit of everything for everyone. Fun and Spooky!!

Hope you had a great Wednesday and I'll be back with more Halloween fun tomorrow.

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