Saturday, November 16, 2013

Procrastinated Crafting

My brain's been going 5 different ways with Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner. I always have a few loose ends to finish up after each holiday, so this past weekend I had some time and wanted to work on "Unfinished" projects and as always, most of those were holiday related. I painted and glittered a letter M, that I found at the thrift store.  I finished some Halloween houses I'd converted from Dollar Tree Christmas villages. I made vinyl letting for some Christmas signs I started at Super Saturday. And last, but not least, I finished a Valentines frame that's been sitting in my craft closet for at least 5 years. I had a mini celebration in my chair over that one.

This unfinished project list, had me thinking about other blogs and how they have their homes picture perfect and ready for the holidays a month in advance. I've been blogging for several years now, but by no means am I a professional or reached a point of doing this for profit. So my question is, how do these people live in the moment? Anyone care to share how this behind the scenes prep works? I don't know any professional bloggers, so I'm curious. Do you really have your house decorated for Christmas already or are your photos from last year? If you have kids, how do you live in the moment, rather then the next holiday ahead? I get that it's a business for most, but I'm curious how this works?

After really thinking about this the last few days, I've given myself permission to enjoy "Procrastinated Crafting".  If I craft during this holiday season, it's okay to enjoy it NEXT YEAR.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm often making ornaments in July and small gifts here and there, but when I see Christmas ideas now and something I want to make, most likely it's not going to get done in a day. Most likely it's not going to get done till a week or two before Christmas or maybe it was a last minute project and I'll only get to enjoy it for a few days before having to pack it up for the year. But does that make it any less special??? Nope..I don't think so. When I start unpacking and find that "surprise" decoration the following year, it always makes me smile with delight.

I say this not to promote last minute crafting, but rather to live in the moment. Be realistic with yourself. When you find something you'd like to complete before Christmas, will there be time or can you give yourself permission to buy the supplies knowing it will be completed after Christmas? Either way, don't beat yourself up. Live in the crafting moment! 

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