Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Wrapping Bug is Catching in our Home!!

Hi everyone, I thought this Holiday Junkie better jump in and get this ball rolling. Circumstances haven't allowed me to post anything since Thanksgiving, but with some free days ahead of me, I'm back and ready to spread some cheer. And that cheer I'm talking about is catching. It slowly creeps up on you..year after year..and before you know it, you're a full blown wrapping junkie..JUST LIKE MOM!  Yes, I'm talking about my daughter. She has found Etsy to be her new gift store of choice. With some money from her summer job and absolutely NO direction from me, she proceeded to do all her shopping on her own. It's just one more piece of parental control I have to give up on, but at the same time it makes me bean to see her enjoying herself. 

Here theme for wrapping this year...OWLS! Owl paper, owl tags she designed, owl goodies, owl bags and whatever else she might find in the pile. With the addiction comes the mess. In my house, wrapping required hauling out tub after tub of goodies.  

Here she is in the center of the mess....

She was very proud of this one. Shes says it's Mom inspired! 

This is her pile of small goodies under the tree! Notice they are all her goodies...and no wrapped gifts from mom yet. NADA! 

Tonight she's wrapping her fathers gifts and getting them ready to ship to California. We have to keep those gifts flat, so here she used a recycled Christmas card from last year. 

Remember, I'll be back to share my  new lights in the front yard, our new Christmas Village and all other kinds of goodies. 

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