Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holiday Weekend and No Plans....

Well kind of sorta....No BBQ's planned, no weekend trips, not sure what projects the hubby is working on either. My daughter is starting her job this weekend and will be working all the big summer holidays this year. She got the job with the city she wanted, so I'm not complaining. It will be an adjustment, but becuase she's working at the big park over on the 4th of July, we'll ultimately get to hang out with her at the end of the night for the big show! Hopefully she'll have a "friend" along with her.

I'm thinking this weekend will be the official kick off of summer cooking in our home. I checked today and the local farms open soon, but in the mean time the grill sure does sound good! Saturday I want to hang out with some of my scraping buddies. Scrap by day and hang out by the fire pit at night. Maybe try some of those Thin Mint S'mores I've been wanting to make since last summer. I'm craving a spinach salad, so baptism salad here we come! My big push to try something different this summer is to grill more veges and fruits. Maybe some good ole fashion hamburgers will be the first to grace the grill. Then I'll move in for some more "Advanced" pieces of meat. That might even require a new grill!! Who knows??

Well I'm going to go sleep on this.

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