Friday, March 22, 2013

Meet the newst member of the Ya Ya Sisterhood...

I figured that my blog would be the perfect place for me to "Confess" my new adventure. How did I come to be a member of the Farmgirl Sisterhood you ask???  Well, it all started with a magazine. A magazine that was given to me by my mother in law. Every few months or so, she passed along her old magazines to me and its always exciting because I never know what I"m going to get. The funny thing is, the "normal" more popular magazines like Women's Day, Good Housekeeping and Redbook are the ones I toss aside first. I find myself looking at the more organic magazines. The ones that talk about gardening, farming, fabric, vintage, camping, etc. This past week I was looking through the latest MaryJanes Farm Magazine and really read the articles. 

I started searching items in the ads and that led me to her website. What I found was a group of women who take honor in the things I enjoy and many of the things I still want to learn. This is where the Farmgirl Sisterhood comes into play. They actually have an entire Merit Badge system you can work towards. It's easiest to describe as Girl Scouts for BIG GIRLS! This immediately made me excited. 

Several of these areas, I'm already familiar with, several I'm not. Changing the oil in my car, basic gun and hunting skills, and being Green (which is not exactly my favorite topic).  Don't get me wrong, I don't know that I'll be a full fledged farmgirl..who hangs all her clothes out to dry, raises chickens and drives a tractor, but what I do know is that I want to be more self sufficient. Most importantly, I want to expand my knowledge to be self sustaining if need be.  

The fun doesn't end with just Merit Badges, they have a whole Farm Girl Connection. They have an online forum, which is a favorite past time of mine. I love meeting and chatting with gals across the country. They also have local farmgirl chapters. I've emailed two of the local chapters in our area and haven't heard back yet. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if they are still active or not.

Now the best part, my Ciara is going to do it with me. I knew my excitement to earn badges would rub off. Sure enough, she only lasted 2 days before she wanted to jump on board and become a part of the sisterhood. We both have our badge list printed out and are ready to go. Her first badge... Farmgirl Shutterbug! I have several I'm going to focus on... Heirlooms Forever, First Aid, Aprons and Crochet. There are so many fun things on the Check List, I'm having a hard time picking. 

I have to laugh, becuase it's kinda cheesy, but so up our alley. Gotta love the power of the Ya..Ya...sisterhood. I think that's what Ciara and I are going to call it between ourselves. 

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