Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy PROM Day!

After several months of being MIA, I'm back and trying to get my creative MOJO flowing again. To kick things off, I'm diving in head first. Tomorrow is my daughter prom and tonight I'm trying to finish a few "homemade" details. That includes an embellished pair of shoes, 1 cocktail ring and one wrist corsage. 

My daughters dress is going to be vintage pink, with creamy, white lace. Pearls are usually her number one choice for jewelry, but she decided early on, she wanted something different. Before going shopping, we dove into my jewelry box and found the perfect pink rhinestone pieces. Only thing missing...ONE RING! So after a quick trip to Joanne's, we came home with a bag of ring bases (3.99) and a 3 inch strip of pink chiffon ribbon (.41 cents). We raided Bryon's beads and I found the strip of off white chiffon ribbon, I used for her belt at Homecoming. With those 4 things and some glue, I whipped this out. 

Next are her shoes. Months ago, I found an awesome pair of Vintage Pink,  Rhinestone, Clip On Earrings. I knew immediately they needed to go on her Prom shoes. Back then she wanted heels. Today she came back down to reality and realized flats are still her SAFE choice. We found these basic glitter slip on shoes and added the earrings as an accent. I tried clipping them on and that hurt to much, I tried sewing them onto the shoe and that proved to be a bit difficult to knot off. Currently I have them attached with glue and a clamp and hope that they will dry sufficiently over night. Once they are dry, I think I'm going to go back and put a simple thread knot for back up. 

My last piece is a wrist corsage for one of Ciara's friends. She's going with a big group of friends, so they exchanged names so they could buy each other a corsage. Ciara and her friend, decided to make their own, rather then buy regular flowers. Ciara picked out a beaded bracelet, a black flower pin and a teal rhinestone pendant. We started brainstorming and once I attached the pin to the bracelet, my creative juices were flowing, so I kept going. This is what I came up with and I love the Black and Teal together.

Here dress is still a work in progress. I told her to think of it as a Project Runway competition. It might be down to the last minute, when she puts it on, but miracles will happen!


  1. Every piece looks so pretty! I LOVE the vintage look so I can't wait to see her prom dress!

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