Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Introducing My Birthday Buddy!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let all my friends and family know about a special little guy I’m sponsoring as a Birthday Buddy this December 25th. His name is Isseiah and he’s a 12 year old boy foster care boy. I seen a story about Birthday Buddies on the news earlier in the year and have been excited to sponsor my first child. Being a foster child during the holidays is hard enough sometimes, but having a Birthday fall on Christmas can mean that it’s often forgotten. Most of you think I’d choose Christmas for obvious reason, but mostly I think about this day because my Grandma Freer’s birthday was on Christmas Eve and my Grandpa Freers’s birthday was on Christmas Day. As a child they never really had anything special for their birthdays, but an adult my parents always tried to make sure they had a special time set aside to make the day special.  

It’s been a few years since I’ve sponsored a family and last time you all came through and made Christmas special for that family. I know things are tough for everyone right now, but I’m asking again for help. Nothing big, nothing huge, just some small donations to make this boys birthday special. Because I don’t have personal info on Isseiah, I’m not able to give specific request, but they do suggest age appropriate Toys and Gift Cards. She did tell me though, that Lego’s seem to be a big hit with boys that age. If anyone is willing to pick something up, that’s great. If you’d rather me do the shopping, I’m willing to do that too. Please DON’T WRAP your gift. To ensure that birthday wishes come true and each child receives a safe, age-appropriate gift. Instead, please provide a birthday GIFT BAG along with your gift. Feel free to write a personalized birthday card to your birthday buddy. You may not know the details the trauma that child has endured, but it helps just to know someone cares.

I’ll be taking donations until Sunday, December 11th. If you’d like to see more info on this organization, be sure to check out their website Maybe you can sponsor your own buddy this coming year.

Love you all, Michelle

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  1. Yay! I'm not too late. I'll bring something tonight.