Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pauseeee....Halloween Shift

As October creeps upon us, you will see more and more Halloween post on my blog. I live for Christmas, look forward to St. Patrick's Day, but the crazy, dark, fun side of me comes out at Halloween. Example, this makeup job. AMAZING!! 

Now for a laugh, check out this story from 

What seemed like a grisly fish tale turned out to be a bizarre but harmless story.
A child fishing on Wednesday morning hooked what he thought was a human foot in Lake Marie in Antioch.
The foot fell off the hook three feet from the boat, and the child and his fellow anglers — two adults — called police to report their apparently grotesque near catch.
The Lake County sheriff’s office took the call seriously, and crews spent 8 1/2 hours searching for the foot. Members of the Antioch Fire Dive Team, the sheriff’s Marine Unit and sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division were all involved. Special sonar equipment was even brought in to help search the murky waters.
In the end, the foot story was mostly true.

They found it — but it wasn’t real.
It was a Halloween prop.

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